BOGLIETTI, Stefania Canavessi, Kristalは、トゥルッコ テシーレ社がプロデュースするブランドです。


Historical brand since 1867, Boglietti selects raw materials focusing on natural fibers such as wool, silk, cashmere, cotton and filoscozia for its day and night, man and woman underwear collections that render the products natural, soft, practical and also refined with a strong aesthetic appeal. Boglietti: tradition represented always in touch with the times, a harmonious and delicate balance between classic and innovative, a representative brand of Italian fashion underwear.


Kristal is Trucco Tessile group’s womenswear brand made in Italy. Femininity, trend, quality and elegance are the summer beachwear collections and the winter outerwear and knit outwear

Stefania Canavessi

She is a qualified and successful stylist in beachwear; Stefania Canavesi creates and endorses women summer collections on behalf of Trucco Tessile composed of bikinis, swimsuits, accessories and cover ups. Entirely made in Italy, Stefania Canavesi’s products have spread successfully in Italy and abroad thanks to the quality of its fabrics and its modern design always in touch with the times